Environmental Engineering
Environmental considerations play an important role in the development of a construction site. Some environmental services provided by DSM Engineers are Appropriate Assessment Screening reports and Site Suitability assessments:

Appropriate Assessment Screening Reports

Under current EU Habitats Regulations any proposed development which is likely to have an effect on a protected area such as an SAC (Special area of Conservation), SPA (Specially Protected Area) or NHA ( National Heritage Area), requires an Appropriate Assessment Screening report in order to highlight the possible effects and mitigation measures. We have carried out a number of screening reports which have accompanied successful planning applications in sensitive areas.

Site suitability Assessments

All new houses requiring an individual septic tank or packaged waste water treatment plant require a site suitability assessment investigation. And a report is required for planning permission application. These are carried out in compliance with the EPA Code of Practice for waste water treatment for single houses. We have carried out, quite a number of these for private clients, Architects etc.

Environmental Engineering